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Women Empowerment Movement Launches #WE NEWS

#WE movement and Women Empowerment Movement announces the signing of The First Lady of Def Jam, ALYSON WILLIAMS, as the Senior Commentator and Lead Anchor on #WE NEWS, the FIRST EVER all empowerment news cast by women, for women, about women.

I wrote and created the first pilot sample in 2018 and #WE filmed the pilot in Miami in 2018 with Kristina Abreu, Thania Carrillo and Alexandra Soto for a CNBC assessment. ( above)

In 2022, #WE filmed a secondary version with Jenee Starr as anchor. ( see below)

During the interim, #WE filmed the FIRST TWO EVER Women Empowerment global TV specials and Alyson Williams was the host. Once I saw her delivery, to me, she is Gayle King. She is a natural! She slayed every script, nailed every delivery, as did Jenee Starr. Alyson Williams hosted our only #WE television series on The NOW Network.

My goal was to have BOTH of these ladies on the show, along with Lani Misalucha, as my personal dream team for this show.

By the Grace of God, I ran across Arlene McGrew and one other lady that I thought would be great at this. But it just never felt right to proceed with #WE NEWS without Alyson Williams. She just has such a masterful presence.

So in August, 2022, she & I began attorney negotiations and finally just got all that signed off this week.

So now, #WE and myself can announce #WE are proceeding with #WE News with Alyson Williams as our lead Senior Anchor.

Alyson Williams is a Soul Hall of Fame inductee ( with her iconic Billboard hit " Just Call My Name"), and The First Lady of Def Jam, being the first female ever signed to Def Jam by Russell Simmons.

To me, Alyson Williams is the Queen of all empowerment and an incomparable TV host . I am SO excited to announce #WE NEWS and especially the signing of Alyson Williams as our Lead Senior Anchor.

Filming begins in late April in Las Vegas.

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