On Dec.31, 2022, the #WE Movement will be presenting the LARGEST New Year's Eve TV Special in a virtual celebrity filled telecast going to over 900,000,000 people globally including broadcasts from Manila, The Philippines on FILAM-TV and FILAM-TV and Vegas Live in the USA, on its WE Movement App on Google; on the LARGEST NYE app; and on Vimeo online globally to over 4 billion people plus tens of other TV 's, channels, platforms and ROKU.

#WE has co-partnered with the FILAM-TV Studios in Las Vegas to create a roster of new music and entertainment TV specials and TV series including #WE News; The Lani Misalucha Christmas Special; #WE Country; #WE Comedy Jam; #Vegas_Unplugged; #VegasLive.; Kidplosion; etc

#WE is currently seeking female singers, groups, male singers, comics, , etc. interested in launching their own TV specials or starring in TV specials and TV series.

#WE is creating an " Austin City Limits" type format for Vegas, as well as a MTV Unplugged type show and a comedy special series similar to Def Jam Comedy and Night at the Apollo.

On Mother's Day, 2023, #WE is presenting #Sheroes, the LARGEST female tribute EVER as it broadcasts celebrities paying tribute to all the unrecognized female heroes , both known and unknown.



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