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Arlene McGrew / Women Empowerment Movement Announce Plans

Arlene McGrew, the star of The Asian Goddesses with her 2 daughters, is one of the global hosts of the #WeGlobal New Year's TV 2024, the world's LARGEST NYE telecast. She is hosting #Sheroes, the largest female tribute again on Thanksgiving with a surprise female superstar, and as senior executive board member of the global Women Empowerment Movement, is co-hosting the first ever Women Empowerment Telethon in October on Vegas + Network. She is filming The Asian Goddesses with a newly added male co-star in early September, airing also in Oct. The Asian Goddesses will be filmed by Carl Magno film crew at Vegas +, and the pilot episode filming location has been moved to Anaheim, Calif.

#WE LOVE Arlene McGrew, the walking embodiment of class, beauty, graciousness and #WomenEmpowerment.

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