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Asian Rock Phenom Taping TV Special for New Hollywood Studio

Lae Franzani, who is doing a Canadian tour, aTimes Square billboard, Japanese TV Tour and who has won the top 9 vocalist awards in the past year, not to mention garnered 38 million views, is taping a global TV special for Women Empowerment Movement in The Philippines on July 25 to be distributed by New Hollywood Studio.

Lae Franzani has not done any USA appearances yet, but she is debuting herself in this GLOBAL TV special by New Hollywood Studio to be called " The OMG Girl".

Her musical Special Guest is ZupaNova, the viral pop duo getting constant press write-ups who appeared on New Hollywood Studio's #WeGlobal New Year's TV Special 2023, the world's largest NYE special, with BTS/ Fall Out Boy/ Jay R., etc . as part of the JBTV 40th Year Anniversary, produced by Peter Bowers, Lowell Beasley and Lawrence Freiberg.

ZupaNova is comprised of Davy Brown and Roycel Cooks. Mr. Cooks co-writes with Will. I. Am and introduced Fergie to The Black Eyed Peas.

Zupa Nova is ALSO filming their first global TV special this month, also broadcast and distributed by New Hollywood Studio for Women Empowerment Movement/ the #WE Movement, and they are featuring Lae Franzani as their Special Musical Guest.

Both Lae Franzani and ZupaNova are co-hosting this year's largest New Year's TV Special 2024, #WeGlobaNewYears2024.

Lae Franzani, formerly Lae Manego, recently married her manager, Querino Franzani of Loreley Entertainment of The Philippines, and is now re-branding as Lae Franzani. Both Lae Franzani and Loreley Entertainment are now both represented in the USA by New Hollywood Studio founder, Lowell Beasley.

New Hollywood Studio was originally the partnership brainchild in the late 1990's of Lowell Beasley and Frank Capra, Jr., the Hollywood icon of such movies as Kurt Russell's "Escape from New York City" ( and Frank Capra, Sr. being the very iconic direcor of such memorable classics as Jimmy Stewart's It Happened One Christmas). Mr. Capra, Jr. has passed on so Lowell Beasley has resurrected their plans in his tribute.

"Lae Franzani is the most exciting, phenomenal voice, the most versatile voice I have heard in memory", gushes Beasley. " She sings Janis Joplin, Bonnie Tyler, Kim Carnes and Tina Turner like the originals without even trying to sound like them, due to her one in a lifetime rock voice , with a power gravelly rasp to it. Conversely, she can calm down and sing any ballad as smooth as the greats".

Lae Franzani is taping her TV special on July 25 and it will be available late Summer/ Early Fall 2023.

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