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Global Beauty Leaders Release #WE #Sheroes video

Shirene Zaza, ( Mrs. Syria) , the acclaimed global woman leader, is a busy, ever-traveling activist in Turkey, Syria, and to whoever needs empowerment support. Her work with refugees, orphans and for women empowerment is well-acclaimed and documented.

Last year, Shirene Zaza gathered Miss Egypt, Mrs. India, best -selling author /transformation coach Crystal Privett, and others, to film the above support promo video for the global Women Empowerment Movement.

This year #WE is negotiating to make Shirene and her global world-changing associates as banner emcees/ co-hosts of #WEGlobal, the 2nd annual world's largest New Year's TV telecast, as well as Executive Board members on the executive board of Women Empowerment Movement, as well as the front-line participants in the 2nd installment of #Sheroes, the largest female tribute, on Thanksgiving 2023.

Stand by for developing updates.

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