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Jorina King To Lead HQ of Women Empowerment Movement in Las Vegas

Updated: Mar 20

Jorina King, a known advocate leader of #WomenEmpowerment takes the lead of the newly formed corporate base of Women Empowerment Movement in Las Vegas. Recently Women Empowerment Movement was formed as a legal corporation in Nevada with base HQ in Las Vegas. Jorina was formerly with the predecessor to the current #WE movement in L.A and now joins the current official #WE/ Women Empowerment Movement.

On Dec.15, Jorina King will launch her capacity officially as she receives the Empowerment Vanguard Award from the esteemed Olympia Awards, being held in Las Vegas on Dec.15.

She joins the cast of The Asian Goddesses ( Arlene McGrew; Vanessa McGrew and Kaitlin McGrew) as the senior executive board members of Women Empowerment Movement, Inc,

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