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#WeR1 TV Series Debuts

In 48 hours, #WeR1 TV series airs on The NOW Network starring #WE hosts AILEEN LOPEZ ( " A-Lo") , The Latin Goddess, and JESSICA MENDOZA ( the artist known as Black Pearl), and stars #WeR1 Celebrity Hosts, R & B icons, ALEXANDER O'NEAL and ALYSON WILLIAMS.

#WeR1 is a series of virtual televised concerts culminating in the world's largest virtual concert. #WeR1 is globally broadcast quarterly beginning July 4 weekend in 2020 and premieres as a TV show Memorial Day weekend, May 23.

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Gloria Griffith

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Gloria Griffith

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

We had the awesome opportunity to watch the #WER1 Virtual Concert series hosted by Jessica Mendoza & Aileen Lopez with Alexander O'Neal, Alyson Williams, and many many more. A Lot of people took time out of their busy schedules to make this event happen. Please consider taking the time to let them all know just how much it's appreciated. The least we can do is complement them publicly, the best way would be to consider a donation from the heart. And, of course, sharing the link and having the concert on every TV & Device you own would be nice.

If extra money is kinda hard to find or part with, G n G Solar (Certified…

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