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#WeR1 Episode 2 Launched

R & B icon, Alyson Williams, the First Lady of Def Jam, hosts the second episode of #WeR1, the TV series, as it expands to 75 countries with Western Africa, Asia and Europe now being added to the broadcast audience.

Her virtual guests musically are Nashville country's Sophia Scott; Festival rocker D.B Bryant; Pop / R & B vocalist Whitney McClain and Black Pearl.

Two global world premieres of music videos are revealed in this episode. Nashville singer / songwriter, Sophia Scott reveals the global TV premiere of her " Beauty In The Ashes" music video, and #WeR1 TV host, Jessica Mendoza, AKA Black Pearl, unveils the global premiere of her new video, " Don't Forget About Me".

#WeR1 is the world's largest virtual concert presented by the #WE movement, and a presentation of Joe Smooth / Lowell Beasley. This TV series highlights the artists, theme and upcoming events of #WeR1.

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