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#WeR1/ Concert Corona Hosted Bi-Lingual Host, Black Pearl

Updated: May 7, 2020

The world's largest virtual concert just went bi-lingual and will be broadcast with 2 telecasts, one in English, and one in Spanish, hosted by the artist known as Black Pearl, AKA Jessica Mendoza.

#WeR1 / Corona Concert, " the world's largest virtual concert," is scheduled to air globally as a 72 hour nonstop concert featuring country artists, R & B icons, coaches, and celebs from the present and past, all uniting as one to entertain and uplift through this Corona Concert / #WeR1.

The concert will begin airing in 30 minute samples every Saturday in May, beginning May 19 on Comcast, The NOW Network, Roku, Apple TV and Google TV at 12 midnight ( Eastern Time); 11 pm ( Central Time); and 9 pm ( Pacific Time), and will air internationally. These 30 minute TV episodes gives other artists and celebs to see what's going on and give them a chance to join in in time for the large broadcast the last weekend in May.

The concert will be broadcast on various platforms, channels and networks globally.

Jessica Mendoza, an artist herself, will be the main #WE host , anchoring the first episodes , as both host ( in Spanish and English) and producer.

#WeR1 / Corona Concert is planning huge exposure in Australia and South America.

#WeR1 / Corona Concert will feature all genres from rock, country, pop, R & B, gospel, etc.

#WE Movement, is creating, presenting and producing the event, created and overseeing the execution.

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