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#WeNews Announces #WeNews Indonesia With Jennifer Laurantius

Updated: May 9, 2021

#WeNews has announced a global Indonesian version of #WeNews to be anchored and hosted by NYC fashion designer, stylist, host and content creator, Jennifer Laurantius. In addition, Jennifer Laurantius joins #WENews as the Asian anchor liaison to the immense Asian contingent in market of the USA media market. Most people are unaware of how large the Asian market is in just America alone.

In California, the Asian population now eclipses the Latin population, and the black population. Cities like Houston, Texas now have a huge percentage of Asians, also eclipsing the other minorities in numbers.

Jennifer Laurantius is an accomplished NYC based fashion designer and influencer. She is also a global traveler, having lived in Australia, and Singapore, showcased her mini collection in the UK, and currently in Bali at the time of this publishing. She is a content creator, a sketch artist, and proficient at Adobe software. She also has her own clothing line JVLAURNT. She attended the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco with a BFA in Fashion Design.

Jennifer Laurantius joins the #WeNews broadcasts beginning in June, 2021 upon her return from Bali.

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