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  • Lowell Beasley

#WeNews Adds Comic Ms. Arkansas as Comic Commentator

#WeNews, the first ever all empowerment news cast, debuting nationally/ globally this month on a weekly basis, has added comic Ms. Arkansas as its weekly comedy commentator on the weekly stories and social issues, to add a little levity.

#WE, the nation's largest empowerment campaign, is adding Ms. Arkansas to its weekly broadcasts to add her comic spin to the stories of the week.

For those a little older, you may remember Andy Rooney a few years ago as the comic commentator on the #1 news show, 60 Minutes. Since the passing of Andy Rooney, there has been no weekly comedic slant on the news issues, ( except on SNL).

Til now.

Ms. Arkansas has a country humor approach definitely marketed towards the blue collar working man crowd. So as the " comic-tator" of #WeNews, she hopes to bring a refreshing laugh to the bleak news stories that sometimes DON'T necessarily empower.

" This show is supposed to empower and inspire. Laughter is empowering. Maybe I can brighten someone's day by adding a smile or a laugh to the story," says Ms. Arkansas.

Her humor is NOT cerebal, like that of a Whitney Cummings. Her humor is more common, practical and down to earth, more " Blue Collar Tour".

Ms. Arkansas was a comic emcee on the recent #GoodTimes Tribute TV Special produced by #WE with John Amos and Jenee Starr.

Ms. Arkansas is the opening act for the new Monique Tour. This Las Vegas comic is definitely getting around and getting popular.

She can only hope she becomes the new female Andy Rooney on #WeNews.

Not a bad gig.

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