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#WEM Appoints First Promoter in New Promoter Network

Bj Joson, as she is known on social media, is a positive gale wind of viral contagious positivity. And now Blessie Parungao, her real name, is the first appointed contracted promoter for the official Women Empowerment Movement. She is widely known in the Filipina community in the L.A area as a staple and centerpiece of all events. Its hard to find an event she is not at. Her viral passionate excitement makes her a perfect choice for the first appointed promoter in a new network of independent promoters being formed across America.

#WEM stands for Women Empowerment Movement, and #WE movement is the global umbrella for not only the 3000 unofficial women empowerment groups nationally, but the tens of thousands globally.

In 2016, Jennifer Lopez said Women Empowerment Movement was her favorite ( generic) cause. In 2016, Beyonce raised up her Grammy and yelled " #WE". Adele said Women Empowerment Movement was her favorite ( generic ) cause. So in 2016, Lowell Beasley and Executive Director, Vicki Abreu, formed both the official Women Empowerment Movement, and the banner #WE movement, as its umbrella rallying call.

In 2020, #WE / WEM produced the first 2 national / global Women Empowerment TV specials ever, both hosted by The First Lady of Def Jam, Soup Hall of Fame inductee, Alyson Williams, of " Just Call My Name" fame from the late 8-'s, and 67 weeks atop of the Billboard charts.

In 2022, Filipina powerhouse producer, Arlene Abegunde, joined the #WE movement, the nation's largest empowerment campaign.

On NYE 2022, Bj Josen was a part of the onstage telecast in San Gabriel, California as #WE / WEM filmed and produced #WEGlobal New Year's 2023, the LARGEST NYE global TV celebration, aired to over 1.20 billion subscribers, with filmed guests BTS, Fall Out Boy, Kodi Lee and others.


n 2023, WEM and #WE are taking no prisoners as they make plans to dominate TV with empowerment . They have merged with FILAM-TV as its full equal broadcast partner and have contracted together to not only produce a bigger, better world's LARGEST #WeGlobal New Year's 2024, but also to produce #Sheroes, the LARGEST female tribute, on Mother's Day, May 14, 2023, on FILAM-TV, ROKU, Vegas Live TV and the WCETV app, which has 1.20 billion subscribers and is even broadcast into China, the only such broadcast to do so.

In 2023, #WE/ WEM are setting up events all over the nation. beginning in L.A, where Bj Joson resides and will help set up the first few to help launch this new network of national WEM/ #WE promoters.

#WE/ WEM will be announcing its 2nd appointed contracted promoter in the next couple of days. But #WE wants to welcome BJ Joson for being the first. Her passion, excitement and contagious spirit define the very meaning of #Empowerment.

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