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#WEGlobal New Year's 2023 Launches

FIILAM-TV, one of the world's newest and largest TV platforms, launches #WE Global New Year's TV 2023, broadcasting to the historic number of 1.25 billion people on NYE, even bringing a NYE broadcast into China for the first time. FILAM -TV ( so named as it was formed to bring the Filipimo-American market to the forefront) has actual TV stations broadcasting in both Las Vegas, Nevada and Manila, The Philippines.

This event has been called " the largest New Year's TV broadcast" in history. FILAM-TV is taking no prisoners with a historic line-up of BTS, Fall Out Boy, Smashing Pumpkins and more. This event has some of the largest Filipino acts in the world including Lani Misalucha, and Jay R, along with R & B American staples All 4 One and Surface. Being a global event, it also has international acts like San E, Mad Clown, Jannine Weigel ,Slot Machine, and Hu. International African acts Colombe and Moniq Stylez are on the show.

This line-up is made possible by one of the 2 hosts of #WeGlobal, Jerry Bryant, the 40 year iconic host of JBTV who is celebrating the 40th anniversary of JBTV on this New Year's extravaganza.

Many huge stars and celebrity stars are still coming on with huge surprises.

#WEGlobal has no less than 2 globally renowned producers bringing the glob's best to this event. Lawrence Freiberg, former CEO of Concerts West ( Elvis, Led Zeppelin, etc.) is lining up another 2 hours of non-stop celebrity surprises. Peter Bowers, considered by some to be the world's largest promoter, brought in KBTV, and a platinum cast of production personnel. Peter Bowers did the 88,000 seat KISS concert in Dubai, the Foo Fighter tours, and etc.

#WE Global is being presented by the #WE Movement, "the nation's largest empowerment campaign". Arlene Abegunde, a Filipina powerhouse, is the CFO of the #WE Movement and she is making sure the line-up is a who's who of Asian superstars.

#WE Movement is the OFFICIAL Women Empowerment Movement globally, as #WE is the global brand umbrella for the 3000 independent women empowerment groups across the nation, and for the tens of thousands of Women Empowerment groups globally.

#WE Movement is planning a live event for this broadcast as is Producer Lawrence Freiberg, who is working on a separate one.

Producers like Chris Powell, James Whitfield, Emma Jeffery are jumping aboard daily making this a truly global movement of collaboration on this event.

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