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#WE Tribute To Sheldon Reynolds In Production

Sheldon Reynolds was the former lead vocalist / lead guitarist for the iconic band, Earth, Wind & Fire, for14 years. As such, he fronted legendary performances, hits and songs that are household known. Sheldon Reynolds has been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. #WE movement, the nation's largest empowerment campaign, is producing a TV tribute with celebrities with all profits benefitting Sheldon Reynolds and his family.

Parkinson's Disease is a debilitating disease that tragically attacks even the motor skills.It has not stopped Sheldon Reynolds yet, as both Sheldon Reynolds himself, and his manager, Jessie Moore, are actively participating in the planning & production of this event. His manager, Jessie Moore, is actually the contact person in charge.

The #WE movement became familiar with Sheldon Reynolds when he participated in the recent PPV special, #GoodTimesPPV, paying tribute to the iconic 70's TV series. Now, Artist Approach, the production/ casting firm for #WE, is actively gathering content and celebs for this epic tribute, being produced by New Hollywood Studio, the production branch of the #WE movement.

Sheldon Reynolds, over his 14 years with Earth, Wind & Fire, met and befriended everyone from Bill Clinton to Prince. Unfortunately, most tributes are done once an artist has passed on and cannot enjoy it. #WE felt this iconic man deserved to enjoy it now , and process it, be a part of it, and enjoy the accolades of his many fans.

The Sheldon Reynolds Tribute is named " Sing A Song" and is being produced now. Artists everywhere, famous and otherwise, are being encouraged to be a part by " singing a song for Sheldon". It is a virtually produced event so all submissions should be submitted to Jessie Moore, Sheldon's manafger, or Shradha Shamar, of Artist Approach, and #WE. The plans are to rush the production and to air as quickly as it can be produced this Spring, 2021.

Watch for updates and TV scheduling of " Sing A Song; The Sheldon Reynolds Tribute".

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