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#WE to Honor Virgelia Villegas as Televised #Sheroe

Virgelia Vallegas ( on left above) worked her way up from the bottom, as a humble poor hotel employee in the Philippines to owning the beauty pageant franchises to some of the world's most renowned beauty pageant platforms, including the Miss Asia USA and Global Ambassador platforms, among others.

She came to America and through long term persistence became such a go-getter, she was sued by the infamous Donald Trump for 7 years over the name rights to the Miss USA brand trademark name usage, and she prevailed and won over Donald Trump in court. Her story is truly inspirational, amazing and a true " David & Goliath" story.

Above, in the video, Virgelia ( left) is interviewed by Shirene Zaza ( right), a protege of Virgelia's, as Shirene Zaza is Mrs. Syria and Mts. Global Ambassador 2022, both as a result of Virgelia's pageants.

Currently, Sherine Zaza has become the host both for the #WE movement and Women Empowerment Movement globally as well as a TV host of the huge upcoming #WE project, #Sheroes; The Largest Female Tribute.

Virgelia Vallegas will be one of the featured #Sheroes in the global telecast.

Her story as a virtual refugee, fleeing a dangerous domestic situation in the Philippines, coming to America penniless, to build a $2 million empire from scratch, only to be bullied again by the biggest empowerment global bully, Trump, and not only defeating him in court, but continuing her success to continue to build an empowerment empire fostering global role models like Miss Egypt, Miss Asia USA, etc. is a true #Sheroe story.

The global Women Empowerment Movement is seeking to co-partner with Virgelia in Women Empowerment by officially making Virgelia an equitable part of WEM globally.

See Virgelia and many others, celebs and surprises on the upcoming #Sheroes TV specials.

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