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#WE Specials to Re-Broadcast and Air Globally in April 2023

#WE movement and Women Empowerment Movement announce it is re-releasing and re-airing its 3 previous global TV specials, all written and created by Lowell Beasley, in April 2023 on FilAm.TV as fore-runners of its #Sheroes debut.

The first 2 empowerment specials are the first 2 empowerment specials, by any entity, on TV and the first two were both done by #WE/Women Empowerment Movement and both were hosted by #WE celebrity host, Alyson Williams.

The first special was #WETogether and was a feel good all inclusive " We Are The World" type special with cameos by Justin Bieber, Forest Whitaker, Paula Abdul, etc.

The 2nd special was during the #BLM marches and was titled #We_BlackLives, and was a video walk through the frustration of decades of the same old broken promises and no end to racism, in the eyes of blacks, and centers around pivotal video by Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and a historical reminder of the civil rights history through actual press footage from the JFK assassination, Robery Kennedy assassination and MLK assassination.

( view FREE by clicking link..

The 3rd special was a tribute to the iconic 70's TV series" Good Times", hosted by Jenee Polk and co-hosted by Good Times star, John Amos.

These specials originally aired in 36 major USA cities , and to over 70 nations overseas.

#WE will be releasing flyers and releases as to airing dates and how to watch.

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