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#We Releases #WeAllBleedTheSame Ep.3 of #WeR1

Dedicated to #BlackLivesMatters and the #SocialUnrest, and #SocialInequality pervailing our current society, #WE, the nation's largest empowerment campaign, releases an all-new, very different episode featuring the Mandisa videos" Bleed The Same" and " Overcomer", and the Athens Creek video, " Little Lights".

This show is a reminder we all have the same color of blood and ALL " bleed the same". It features retro footage of the social riots of the MLK days, the JFK assassination and the RFK assassination.

" Our hope is it will open new doors and gather new eyes as it shows #WE is MORE than #WomenEmpowerment, but entails ALL empowering causes, like a #WE the people", says founder, Lowell Beasley. " For th

is episode, we wanted a new look, new design and new theme. We reached out to Gloverzone DL Pictures, LLC., to Ian Glover and Saskia VanBuren, who really did a great job. WE are looking forward to doing more projects just as engaging and more engaging as we evolve together"

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