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#WE presents the LARGEST New Year's Eve TV Event

#WE is broadcasting to over 900,000,000 million people globally OTA including to The Philippines, USA, globally, even China, on New Year's Eve as it blasts its' #WE Global Largest NYE TV Event via Filam-TV, and tens of other TV platforms, and an additional 4 billion people online/ OTT.

YouTube stars, stars from The Voice, Billboard acts, many Grammy Award winners, and every genre of music from cool jazz to pop to country featuring global superstars, some American superstars, and celebrities from all over the globe join together for a multi- hour NYE celebration to 195 nations, even into China.

The telecast is free to watch . Watch it on FILAM, ROKU, the WE MOVEMENT app, the Largest NYE app, YouTube, Vimeo and almost every social media platform from Facebook to Instagram, and most of the participant's websites and platforms. Boxing superstars, country stars, stars from The Voice, You Tube stars , with many Grammy and Top Billboard artists. etc.

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