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#We Launches #WeR1 TV Weekly Series

Updated: May 30, 2020

#WE, the nation's largest empowerment campaign, has launched a weekly TV series debuting May 16 with #WE celebrity hosts R & B icons ALYSON WILLIAMS and ALEXANDER O'NEAL, host Miss #WE, Leela Heart and TV #WE emcees Aileen Lopez and Jessica Mendoza.

The TV series airs every Friday night beginning May 23 on The NOW Network, Roku, Apple TV, Google TV and Comcast at 12 midnite ( Eastern Time); 11 pm. ( Central Time); and 9 pm ( Pacific Time).

The show is also live-streamed 24 / 7 on the #WER1 website at and live-streamed on The NOW Network. Each weekly episode will be added to our website.

A New Google App and APPLE APP is being created to air the show episodes 24/7.

Additional TV shows and content are being created as well for other networks.

Leela Heart, Miss Globe , is the official #WE Spokesperson, and she will host #WeR1 along with #WE hosts Aileen Lopez ( The Latin Goddess) and Jessica Mendoza ( the artist known as Black Pearl).

R & B icons gave signed on as official #WeR1 and #WE celebrity spokespersons as well, and will be hosting and co-hosting all TV content as well.

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