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#We Joins #MeToo , #TimesUp, #BLM in Denouncing POTUS

For a long time #WE has sworn to not get involved in politics, but the recent happenings, policies and statements of POTUS has drawn a line in the sand between humanity and repulsion.

In the words of gospel artist, Kirk Frank,in, " to not say SOMETHING , is to SAY something". Silence is complicity. The racism, inhumanity, corruption, outright lies, and refusal to speak out against evil while attacking every empowerment group in the nation, forces #We to stand against the policies, words,actions and positions of POTUS. The stance of #WE is #AnyoneButTrump.

It is not a matter of politics or partisanship; Blue or Red; Black or White; Left or Right. It now is a matter of standing for common decency, compassion, humanity, justice and equality. For ANY man, to refuse to denounce racism, to refuse to denounce murder and chaos....for ANY man to openly and consistently incite violence and hatred and division to get re-elected, to the thinking of #WE, belies a monstrous evil that can no longer be tolerated, nor ignored. POTUS has attacked women, Latinas, Muslims, Gays, the NBA, the NFL, the Constitution, and has shown ignorance and contempt for both the teachings of the Bible and the Constitution, both of which he has never read and is ignorant of.

The riots and protests #WE believes are DIRECT results of this POTUS' hateful and deliberate rhetoric to incite such.

#WE has no candidate in the race but realizes we must have a leader who unites, who is an example and role model, not an illustration of how despicable mankind can sink to.

#WE joins every other empowerment movement , not racist or sexist themed, in calling for the removal of POTUS and calls for all new leadership.

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