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#WE Denounces Abbott Decision To Ignore Medical Science And Lift Mask Mandates

Governor Abbott, the Governor of Texas, just wiped away all the relevancy of months that millions of Texans wore a mask by going against all medical professionals, all medical science, the CDC, the WHO , the Dallas Co. Health Dept/, the Tarrant County and Harris Co. Health Depts. and all medical rationale by immediately lifting all mask mandates.

This begs the logical question, " if you are going to lift the mask mandate now, then why did we all wear masks for the past year? Didn't we all wear masks to be sure we were all safe and to wear mask until medical experts told us it was now safe to lift the mandates? By NOW lifting the mandates, the virus can spike and spread and we might as well have not worn masks at all ever if you are going to not see it through."

In a #WE tally of response among 50 people , only 2 people justified and defended this rationale of the Governor's decision while 48 out of the 50 condemned it. This results in a 95% tally against it in our inquiry of responses.

Governor Abbott's decision drew immediate fire from the Mayors of Fort Worth, Dallas, and Houston, the biggest cities in Texas. These cities have worked hard to protect their cities from further spikes and called the governor's order " premature", " tragic" and " unwise".

#WE agrees. The #WE Exec. Director called the decision " stupid! tragic!". The executive board and VP called it " asinine" and " ignorant".

Former President Trump, and the talk show hosts Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson all applauded the move, though they have not even one colege graduate nor one college degree nor any medical credentials between any/ all of them. Yet their presumptive , insolent and prideful ignorance presumed them to know better than the CDC, WHO, the DFW Medical Assoc. and Dr. Fausi. In this group, facts never seem to matter, only their uneducated and delusional and consistently erroneous uneducated opinions.

#WE remembers when recently Florida and California had both tried to open early to disasterous results, a huge spike in COVID cases and a fast traction back to following medical scientific protocol.

#WE denounces and rebukes this ignorant decision of Governor Abbott as irresponsible and delusional and blatantly ignorant . #WE applauds the Dallas Mavericks and majority of restaurants, bars ans sports teams who seem to have more sense than their governor and elect to ignore his delusional decision and to continue to enforce the mask mandate until medical science says otherwise, not ignorant un-edicated politicians.

#WE seeks to #empower each other through continuing to respect the safety and medical protection of our fellow Americans by listening to facts, not opinions and by encouraging others to follow medical science and medical experts, not greedy politicians whose only standards seem to be their own materialistic and political gains.

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