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#WE Awards 2021 Producer of the Year to 3X Grammy Winner Tre Nagella

The officially global trademarked Women Empowerment Movement, the #WE Movement, has awarded Tre Nagella as its first Producer of the Year Award for 2021. Tre Nagella is cited for his excellence over 20 years in #empowerment in music and music production, both for his acual producing excellence , and also for his mentoring and relationships with artists.

Tre Nagella has worked with and produced some of the biggest names in entertainment from Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga, Vanilla Ice, Pat Green, Nate Dogg, Monica, Pimp C, Los Lonely Boys, Mercy Me, etc. and two Grammys with gospel legend, Kirk Franklin.

What makes Tre Nagella so empowering and so beloved, as well as so successful, is that he truly embeds himself in a project and wants the artist to like the product and be proud of it. Most of the Grammy or " successful" producers have a " my way or the highway" dictator approach to producing. They take your song, arrange it their way and tell you how you are going to sing it. When you protest any of their dictates, you are likely to hear, " how many Grammys do YOU have", in an egotistical control. And if you don't like it, there commonly is a " there's the door" retort and approach.

Not so with Tre Nagella. He is as humble, approachable and as down to earth as they come. Years and years ago, ( neither Tre nor myself can remember exactly when), but it had to be 2011 or 2012 or before, I first witnessed his interaction with an unknown but up and coming artist in his studio first hand. He worked for hours with a band behind her and when the budget was up, the band went home. Most producers would have too. But Tre picked up an instrument one by one , re-laying better tracks behind her, re-stacking each track, first on guitar, then bass, then drums, etc. He helped her do back-up vocals, and arranging. He even writes songs for artists; custom original songs just for them.

All the while, quietly supporting her, making her feel comfortable, perfecting the song til it was perfect. Then when both were happy, they both were done. Then Tre opened up his laptop , his control central of this huge interactive studio, and starting showing this young female country artist his club music side. At the time, that seemed to be his passion. I recall he seemed to light up as he adjusted and pointed out the mixes of these hot club dance tunes. I was shocked because he was as comfortable with dance club music as country music; as comfortable with Britney Spears as with Kirk Franklin. ( Both Grammy winning Kirk Franklin albums are with Tre Nagella.)

Then you read his resume.

He has worked with Mercy Me and Kirk Franklin in gospel; Entertainer of the Year Blake Shelton, ant Texas legend Pat Green in country; pop icons Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera, etc. You would not know it if you didn't read his resume. He is gentle, humble..and " genius".

It is reported that Blake Shelton said,"Tre Nagella can hear a fly fart from a mile away". One assumes, in Texas-Oklahoma country venacular, that means Tre has acute ears in sound and knowing every nuance.

It is because of his genius, his hundreds of hours and stories of untold empowerment, inspiration and support to hundreds of the world's best entertainers, that #WE awards this award to Tre Nagella to bring attention to his billiant and humble genius.

He is loyal, and has a beautiful wife ( see picture below). Many with his success would have a " wandering eye", be a playboy, etc. Not Tre. You will not hear ANY rumors, bad stories, bad experiences, sexual advances, drugged out stories, none of that; not about Tre.

And for a career dating back to the early days of Vanilla Ice, and a career spanning over all these years, THAT in itself is empowering and inspirational.

#WE is the nation's largest #empowerment campaign, and is the amalgamated brand for the 3000 women empowerment groups across the country. #WE is the producer of #WE News, the first national / global ALL empowerment newscast debuting next month on over 100 stations, after debuting on the Holyfield TV Network stations initially. Holyfield TV is owned by the former world heavy champion of the world, Evander Holyfield.

The Tre Nagella segment will air on the pilot/ first episode of #WE News next month, then periodically on #WE News throughout the year and other stations as #WE News broadcasts there.

#WE News is hosted by news anchors mega-model Jenee Starr and Shradha Sharma, who will be announcing the Tre award and the Tre segment.

The #WE Movement proudly honors Tre Nagella as its' first 2021 Award winner and first Producer of the Year Award winner. Tre Nagella stands for everything positive and good that the #WE movement promotes and believes in.

Other 2021 #WE Award winners upcoming are Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez , and Lauren Daigle.

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