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#WE Airs first #GoodTimes TV Tribute Special

With TV hosts actor, John Amos, and mega-model, Jenee Starr, #WE broadcast the #GoodTimesPPV Special on Jan. 31, 2021. This special was themed virtually around the 1970's iconic TV series, " Good Times" as an officially sanctioned " Good Times " event. It was the first of several more planned and in the works.

The PPV special that aired on Jan.31, is currently being edited down for television, broadcasting on more than 100 TV stations beginning in late February-early March. The special will initially debut on Holyfield TV, the network owned by former world-champion, Evander Holyfield. It is contracted from there to debut on the new networks of Ryan Seacrest, Mark Cuban, She.TV and others.

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