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Sheldon Reynolds To Direct " We Are The World"-Los Angeles March 11

An epic globally LIVE performance of We Are The World-Los Angeles will be directed by Sheldon Reynolds, former lead guitarist/ vocalist for Earth Wind & Fire for 14 years, on March 11 @ArartaniTheatre as part of #AsianLove, the kickoff to the LARGEST #AsianEmpowerment movement.

The Asian star rocker, Malou Toler & The Friends of Mine Band, will be the accompanying instrumental band , behind Sheldon's direction as Sheldon Reynolds / Malou Toler lead a historical and sure to be epic cover of the monstrous 1985 Quincy Jones/ Michael Jackson production. All the who's who of the Asian world in L.A will be in attendance that nite, all the hottest L.A circle of entertainers such as co-headliner Garth Garcia,Czarina, Malou Toler, Armand Francis Mandia,Cristiani Rebada, Lucho Beech.

Superstar headliner, Rachel Alejandro, is flying in to be a part, as are The Kid Brothers, from Dallas, industry-wide hailed as the next Jonas Brothers.

Manny Pacquiao film-star leading lady, Sandra Amor, is coming. The amazing songstress, COLOMBE, hailed as the " Celine Dion of Madgascar" is reported to be flying in to sign a huge promotion/ management contract, and of course, says she will even fly in for free and pay her own expenses to not miss this epic recording.

Sheldon Reynolds is a former member of The Commodores, Earth Wind & Fire and Sun. As lead giutar/ vocals for 14 years with Earth Wind & Fire, Sheldon met many icons and made fans of all of them from Prince to President Clinton.

Jesse Moore, who is Sheldon Reynold's manager, is a co-partner in #WE movement, Women Empowerment Movement, #WeR1 and the #AsianEmpowerment movement, and was there as a co-partner of Lowell Beasley when he was brainstorming the creation of #AsianLove.

( Malou Toler & The Friends Of Mine Band)

So Jesse Moore has been in the foundation of all since the early planning days of all of this. Sheldon Reynolds appeared in Lowell Beasley's GoodTimes TV Tribute in 2020 with John Amos.

Media promoter icon Lissa Chow has gotten behind #AsianLove, and getting the entire community behind it. Jesse Moore arranged the Aratani Theatre as the launch point and Jesse is working with EJ, the Aratani point man to get the Japanese -Cultural community involved.

#WE co-producer Philip Jones & Jesse Moore paid for Aratani out of thir own pocket. The CFO of Women Empowerment Movement, Deena Norn, has funded everything else to date from her own pocket. So #AsianLove truly IS an act of love and selflessness from all.

The Prince of Pop, Garth Garcia has made it his personal goal to pack this event.

Local hot songstress, Czarina, along with Malou Toler, have made it their mission that #AsianLove succeed.

The vision is to recreate a mass singalong at every citywide tour stop of #AsianLove of this

" We Are The World" and if they have their way, Czarina, Malou and even, Colombe, along with Garth Garcia see this as their opportunity to jump to citywide arenas in their carrer so #AsianLove is buzzing in all.

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