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Racism and Protests

Racism is so American that when you protest it, people think you are protesting America. When protestors protested the Iraqi war, they were perceived as protesting the troops.

America has some deep rooted problems. We can fix them, and #WE must. #WE , the people, in order to inherit the government the Constitution provides, that of " a government BY the people, FOR the people", we MUST resist all efforts to squash this.

Women's rights in sufferage were ignored until women protested and refused to stop until acts of laws were passed. The MLK protests of the 60's brought the revolutionary Civil Rights Act. Had MLK and hundreds of thousands NOT protested, they NEVER would have been given those rights.

#WE endorses the peaceful and relentless protests going on now in America for women's rights via women's marches; the racial equality protests for the slaughter of unarmed blacks for the color of their skin;  for the peace marches after each high school shooting protesting the insane gun laws and policies in this country. #WE salutes and honors the the #resistance, for change only comes when people rise up and demand it, making change happen.

#We denounces all violence on ALL sides. #WE denounces looting but strongly encourages the protesting and fight for true change and true humanity in this country.

May God bless America.  

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