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Press Clubs Join #AsianLove as #AsianLove Ignites

Several major press corps including the Asian American Press Club of the US, have joined the #AsianLove campaign. Thelma at Asian American Press Club says, " You are doing exactly what we want to be a part of! Let's partner together on everything!", so Asian American Press Clubs will become a first line media for #AsianLove on this debut campaign.

Asian Journal, #WishBus, and the Filipino Press Clubs of California are getting behind it. When these Asian groups get behind it, now it starts exploding into its design.

#AsianLove is the brainchild of Lowell Beasley, founder/ creator of #WE Movement and Women Empowerment Movement. But creating an idea mentally and implementing it into reality are 2 very different things. It takes a team, a team of experienced, connected and hard-working activists to give it legs.

Enter Lissa Chow of Chow Entertainment ( and President of Filipino Press Clubs of California) and Carl Magno, president of FILAM-TV.

Lissa Chow and Carl Magno are the co-creators/ co-founders of #AsianLove, and their involvement spearheaded the launch explosion #AsianLove needed. The synergy is Divinely connected , as unbeknownst to Lowell Beasley, two months BEFORE he even met Lissa Chow, she had already loved the name, unofficially adopted the banner of #AsianLove, and actually had merchandise manufactured. So when Carl Magno told Lissa Chow about #AsianLove, and Lowell heard Lissa had gotten the same idea and name two months earlier, he knew these were Divine connections. Destiny workings.

Lissa Chow, Lowell Beasley and Carl Magno have combined to create a massive media and event campaign nationally called #AsianLove, the largest Asian tour campaign ever.

Lowell Beasley met BJ Joson at the taping of the #WeGlobal NYE taping he did in L.A and BJ Joson has been a rock solid right hand of Beasley ever since. She is the lead Producer of the L.A release of #AsianLove and it is she who brought in superstar, Rachel Alejandro, Malou Toler, Czarina, Asian American Press, #WishBus and MOST of the whole show. BJ Joson is the fireball go-getter Producer igniting the #AsianLove campaign as is Lissa Chow. These 2 ladies are the fire-starters of the movement.

#AsianLove is designed as a tour that goes to a different city monthly to ignite that city in the #AsianLove fervor as well. After its L.A debut, #AsianLove goes to Las Vegas, then Houston, etc., and comes back to each city for bigger follow-up campaigns to keep the passion alive every few months.

All #Asian Love rallies are broadcast LIVE on global TV by Filam -TV, to over a billion people, and is broadcast even into China as well as many other platforms.

Lissa Chow is taking #AsianLove to a bigger level by taking it to arenas and stadiums, like the Toyota Arena in Ontario on March 5.

#AsianLove has an iconic media partner in #WishBus , maybe its biggest ally yet, and #AsianLove hopes to partner with #WishBus on every event.

To spread #AsianLove beyond just the Asian community, Lowell Beasley has added a " We Are The World" citywide mass sing-a-long at each #AsianLove rally, under a brand of #WeR1, to include and recruit all races, cultures and backgrounds into not only this #AsianLove campaign, but the whole #WE campaign in general which celebrates all diversities and cultures. This mass sing-a-long is filmed for YouTube, and will be used to spread the love message that #WeR1, Asians, whites, blacks, etc.

Come join the #Asian Love, #WeR1 celebration with #WE and the #WishBusUSA on March 11 at the Aratani Theatre for its TV launch, and its promo launch on March 5 at Toyota Arena, for a " We Are The World" mass taping of the arena-wide singalong.

Next up..Las Vegas.....Houston...

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