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Next Up; #Sheroes, the LARGEST female tribute

Next up for the #WE movement, and Women Empowerment Movement is #Sheroes, the LARGEST female tribute. This multi-hour Mother's Day global telecast will feature known women celebs and leaders recognizing and honoring the unknown female heroes and unrecognized female accomplishments among us.

Celebs like @AGT's Kodi Lee, @AGT's Bianca Ryan, The Voice's JChosen, Canadian pop artist, Murphy, the new boy band sensation @TheKidBrothers, Alyson Williams, The First Lady of Def Jam and Soul Hall of Fame inductee, and RIFF, the iconic singing boys from the bathroom scene in Morgan Freeman's " Lean On Me" movie, are all expected to record and play strategic parts in this iconic tribute to women. Other Gospel, country and pop stars are being recruited as are some national male and female political icons are signing on to pay tribute on this special day already set aside as the day to pay tribute to everyone's own #shero, their own mother, on Mother's Day.

This Mother's Day event is the first in what is expected to be the first in many annual #Sheroes TV tribute on Mother's Days of the future. Fresh off accomplishing the first LARGEST New Year's broadcast to over 1.20 billion people in its #WeGlobalNew Year's 2023 broadcast, #WE and Women Empowerment Movement are using FILAM-TV as its base broadcast partner while adding some new premier USA midwestern platforms and cable partners.

R & B iconic group " Silk" vocalist , Gary Jenkins , known as Lil G, has already recorded and submitted their video tribute as has fellow 80's icon Surface. RIFF, the aforementioned man vocal group, has recorded a special rendition of Chicago's iconic hit, " You're My Inspiration" for #Sheroes and is dedicating it as a theme song for #Sheroes.

#WE officially launches its national promotional campaign in early February and are working on a post-telecast 20 city tour and other independent "Sheroes related events , to be announced, as the #Sheroes campaign develops.

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