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New Hollywood To Produce 2 New TV Shows

New Hollywood Studio, first created in name, and imagined by Frank Capra, Jr. and Lowell Beasley , at a 1996 meeting in Hollywood, has become the current studio where " diversity is celebrated, not just tolerated". Now a casting/ distribution/ producing vehicle for the real Women Empowerment Movement, New Hollywood Studio has produced the first two ever women empowerment global/ national TV specials, both hosted by Alyson Williams, The First Lady of Def Jam, and Soul Hall of Fame inductee.

Both aired on both national TV and global platforms repeatedly.

Alyson Williams was an Executive Producer on all those projects.

Now New Hollywood Studio announces its 2 ongoing series.

The first is #WeNews, the first ever all empowerment news, anchored by Alyson Williams and Arlene McGrew.

Being produced by Women Empowerment, both women have Co-Executive Producer credits also.

The 2nd series announced is The Asian Goddesses, starring Arlene McGrew, and her 2 daughters, Kaitlin McGrew and Vanessa McGrew, even co-starring their dog, Scarlet. Arlene and daughters are Co-Executive Producers on this show.

Arlene, Kaitlin & Vanessa are the 3 new faces, spokesmodels and spokespersons for the Women Empowerment Movement.

Alyson Williams was the first and only celebrity spokesperson for the #WE movement in 2020 and still is.

Both shows are filmed by production partner FilAm.TV in Las Vegas who will originally broadcast both series on their stations in both Las Vegas and Manila, The Philippines, and all their platforms including ROKU, Fire, Amazon, etc, and On Demand for the 1.2 billion subscribers of the WCETV app, broadcast even into China, Singapore, The Philippines, Hong Kong, etc. #WE and Women Empowerment Movement will broadcast on all their available partner stations as will New Hollywood.

#We News will be filmed at the FilAm TV Studio in Las Vegas and frequently on the road on location.

The Asian Goddesses is filmed in Houston, Texas on location.

#WeNews begins filming April 29-30.

The Asian Goddesses begins filming in May.

Both are 30 minute weekly series.

FilAm.TV partners in the production of both with New Hollywood Studio.

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