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MMA Champ, Andy" The CRasian" Nguyen Hosts #WeR1 Corona Concert

Updated: May 10, 2020

MMA Fighter, Japan RIZIN' champion, MMA champion, Andy " The CRasian" Nguyen, is a Filipino dynamo in every category and a global champion speaking out against #DomesticViolence.

Andy " The CRasian" Nguyen is a global spokesperson for the #WE movement / Women Empowerment Movement.

Now Andy "The CRasian" Nguyen is a global host of The #WeR1 Corona Concert, the world's largest virtual concert happening online globally in May.

A 30 minute weekly TV show has been created on Saturday nights at 12 midnight ( Eastern); 11 pm ( Central); and 9 pm ( Pacific Time) on The NOW Network, Comcast, Roku, Apple TV and Google TV every Saturday night beginning May 16 to launch , promote and share the concept of " the world's largest virtual concert", on the largest broadcast live-streaming platforms in the world.

The CRasian is a popular and regular fixture familiar to those who have seen her regular bouts on Fox Sports and Lion's Gate on Fox Network.

She now will be recruiting all her sports celebrity friends to speak and / or perform on this huge historic broadcast emanating globally to 194 nations involving over 200 celebrities and performers. The roster will include country, rock, R & B, sports celebs, celebrities, up & Coming acts, pastors, coaches,reality stars and YouTube stars are bonding together as a sign of supporting each other in these trying times for all.

Andy " The CRasian" Nguyen will be joining the Black Pearl, Jessica Mendoza, in hosting this global event with hosts from all over the world including R & B icons Alexander O'Neal, and Alyson Williams; and all our celebrity music hosts and co-hosts everywhere as they host #WeR1, The Corona Concert, the world's largest virtual concert.

The website is

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