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#MickeyGuyton FIRST #WE Award Winner

Country music star, Mickey Guyton, is the FIRST #WE Award winner for her stance in the entertainment industry, for her standards of constant excellence, grace and class, and her courage in using her talent to call for #Change. #MickeyGuyton exemplifies everything the #WE movement was created to promulgate.

Mickey Guyton traveled as the global opening act for Brad Paisley back in 2015, and had a national #1 hit, " Better Than You Left Me". She had a string of top radio hits but seemed to hit the glass ceiling in radio play nationally, as Billboard stations discouraged playing female artists while they preferred male artists.Mickey Guyton is not only a female artist, but country music's only top black female artist, so she felt like she had 2 decks stacked against her.

Her years between 2015 and present would reflect a country song with its challenges, ups & downs, mental health issues , etc. But #MickeyGuyton found her footage and has come back strong with her talent and her songs proclaiming her unabashed fearless message. Her new single, " Black Like Me", is garnering a lot of attention and her song " What Are You Gonna Tell Her?", is a heartfelt reality challenge that brings tears and passion to everyone who hears it.

She is currently a national spokesperson calling for more female airplay for all female artists, and for acceptance as black artists equally across the board, equality for all genders and races.

#WE, the nation's largest empowerment campaign, is dedicated to empowerment and overwhelming chose #MickeyGuyton as its first #WE Award recipient. The #WE Awards will be distributed as a honoring of leadership, faith , class and to role models for change.

#MickeyGuyton will be the featured artist on Episode.04 of the global weekly new TV series, #WeR1, hosted by Alyson Williams. The Mickey Guyton episode will air in mid-July.

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