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Maren Morris Halts COVID-19 Defiance in Music City

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Country music star Maren Morris lashed out at downtown Nashville bars for staying open during the coronavirus pandemic after a video of a packed Lower Broadway bar went viral overnight. Hours after the video was published, Nashville Mayor John Cooper announced all bars in Davidson County will be closed and restaurant searing capacity will be limited. The decision came after the Tennessee Department of Health reported 39 cases of COVID-19 in the state, including 17 in Davidson County.

Just after midnight Saturday, a Twitter user shared a brief video of a packed bar in Downtown Nashville, with people standing shoulder-to-shoulder and a band performing. The video went viral, racking up more than 3 million views, as many Twitter users were shocked by it. People have been warned to keep their distance from strangers during the pandemic, but the people in the video were ignoring that.

"While the rest of us are trying to be responsible in our homes and get this s— over with, THIS?!" Morris, who lives in Nashville, tweeted in response to the clip. "Broadway, you aren't a hero for staying open."

— MAREN MORRIS (@MarenMorris) March 15, 2020While the rest of us are trying to be responsible in our homes and get this shit over with, THIS?! Broadway, you aren’t a hero for staying open.

After Kid Rock had publicly defied the order and publicly bragged HIS bar would NOT honor the COVID shutdown ordered by the Mayor but , unlike most other clubs, his would remain open.Siding with Kid Rock was his bar manager who also manages and / or influences associated clubs, some of the hottest clubs and most influential in Nashville.
Because these Nashville stars make their living and patronage off these premier clubs, no other artist dared speak out to Kid Rock and his defiant associates.
But Maren Morris, THE Country Princess of Country Music, one of the hottest stars in Nashville, albeit one of the newest, stood right up when NO ONE else did and SHAMED them and CALLED THEM on their WRONG.
It worked. The bars revoked their decision and announced they , too, were closing in compliance.
#WE / WomenEmpowermentMovement CELEBRATES Maren Morris for her courage to stand up for what is right, if even alone. #WE was preparing a story to call out the Lower Broad clubs and Kid Rock for their cowardice and defiance. But #WE did not have to because, Maren Morris, a MUCH stronger , more appropriate and much stronger voice, stood up and got it done.
So #WE celebrates and shouts out to country superstar, MAREN MORRIS, our #WE hero.

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