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Las Vegas Comic, Ms. Arkansas, Joins #GoodTimesPPV Concert

Ms. Arkansas, one of the seemingly fastest rising comics in not only Las Vegas, but the nation, is the first comic added to the #GoodTimesPPV virtual concert and TV special coming next month nationally / globally. This event is officially sanctioned by the former executive producers, producers and crew of the iconic 1970's TV series. The event will be hosted by Carlena Evans , an heir of Good Times and daughter of Good Times creator-writer, Mike Evans, who was Lionel Jefferson on " All In The Family"

Ms. Arkansas recently announced she is opening act for Mo'Nique's coming tour and Ms. Arkansas seems to be on every advertised comic special one can find in 2020. She is ubiquitous.

And no wonder.

Her humor and wit is sharp and cutting with the old time punchlines and humorous one liners reminiscent of a southern style Chris Rock, or Rodney Daingerfield. Her humor is Southern style, but not bashful. She calls it as she sees it getting to the humor fast, without the long story set-ups a lot of comics use. Her humor is funny, down to earth, humble, respectful , but has those out of the blue statements where you are left coughing and choking while laughing saying, " I can't believe she said that".

She is very personable, and her style and accent and humor do not disappoint her name; it sounds like she is from Arkansas. But her humor is also sophisticated and polished enough, that like with any Southern lady who "calls 'em as she sees them", this comic can be a little blue, offensive ( just to show she can) , then back to civility. This makes her humor unpredictable as you never know what she will say next.

She is sober and has been for years. She is a woman of faith, and works both facts into her act humbly, and hilariously.

The #GoodTimes PPV is broadcasting next month with NBA legends, sports stars, and R & B superstars all jumping on the show as the iconic show " Good Times" is beloved by all.

NBA legend Craig Hodges says it was the only black show that correctly portrayed black lives when he, Scottie Pippen, Isaiah Thomas, and so many other stars were growing up. It was " their show"

Janet Jackson made her debut as a regular castmember on the show.

Members of Earth, Wind & Fire, rapper Shug Jackson, NBA legend Craig Hodges, Straight Outta Compton's Curtis Young ( Dr. Dre's son), and others are making themselves frontline recruiters for this sure to be memorable night where surprise cameos from castmembers, clips of the iconic series and a fun walk down memory lane will remind us all, we may have COVID, a divided country, etc, but we still have Good Times to celebrate.

Ms. Arkansas will surely see its a " good time" for all.

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