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K.C Amos / Lowell Beasley Ink Film Collab

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Hollywood film-maker, K.C Amos , son of star actor, John Amos, ( Roots, Good Times, Coming To America) , and #WE founder, Lowell Beasley, have joined to collaborate TV and PPV events in 2021 that are exciting, fun and rewarding. Both men feel 2021 is ripe and ready for "Good Time" programming as after 2020, people are for ready to laugh and to have a " Good Tiime" and need to have some fun to release the stress.

Film-maker , K.C. Amos, was raised on the set of " Good Times", the iconic 70's TV series his famous dad starred in. In 2015, K.C. Amos connected with Lowell Beasley, who desired to recruit K.C.'s expertise to develop a potential TV project Beasley had called " The Latin Goddesses". That " Goddess" passion by Beasley evolved into the #WE movement, the nation's largest empowerment campaign. He then partnered with the heiress of "Good Times", which led full circle back to K.C Amos, and John Amos.

Their first collaboration is the launch of #GoodTimesPPV , a "Good Times "Tribute TV Special hosted by John Amos, K.C's dad, and mega-model, Jenee Starr ( Beasley's future " Goddess" ) on Jan. 31. This special is being distributed to over 100 networks as a TV special, and is the first of many K.C Amos/ Lowell Beasley productions to come.

K.C Amos is Executive Producer; mega-model, Jenee Starr hosts with John Amos; while Lowell Beasley is creator/ writer and shares Executive Producer credits with Mr. Amos.

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