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James Whitfield Added as #WE Partner / Stand Up Partner

Stand -Up Intl. announces that James Whitfield has been added as an equal partner in Stand Up International, the licensing holding company for Women Empowerment Movement, the #WE Movement ( the nation's largest empowerment campaign), and the #WE Global Largest NYE Celebration.

James Whitfield has an astounding testimony few know , and few can equal. He is immersed in tens of world-changing non-profits across the globe dedicated to the homeless, the plight of veterans and resources for ex-offenders

James Whitfield is a world-changer and joins founder, Lowell Beasley, as an equal partner in Stand Up International.

Stand-Up International ( SUI) was founded in Austin, Texas in 1985, by Lowell Beasley, on a challenge from the then Senior Editor of Rolling Stone Magazine,Bob Love, to "Stand-Up", for a young woman being legally crucified by the far right " Moral Majority".

SUI is focusing in 2022-2023 in being an umbrella in gathering all the major non-profits and world-changing charities together, to produce united " world's largest events" including the #WE Global Largest NYE Celebration on Dec.31, 2022; the God Is Alive Fest" on Easter, 2023; " #Sheroes; The Largest Female Tribute" on Mother's Day, 2023; the " Heroe's Jam" on Veteran's Day, 2023; etc. on major TV networks globally, through the base of FILAM-TV, the TV network emanating from both Las Vegas and Manila, The Philippines to over 900,000,000 people.

Stand Up International is a " #WE Are The World" themed catalyst for creating change through inclusiveness and working united together. SUI believes many miraculous, historic events have not been done because entities follow self-serving trodden trails instead of a united together theme.

Stand-Up International celebrates the addition of James Whitfield as a great asset in furthering its united inclusion theme by the addition of all the global charities and contacts of James Whitfield and his global team.

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