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Intl. Pop Artist COLOMBE Films First TV Special For Women Empowerment Movement

New Hollywood Studio produces its 4th TV Special for #WE and Women Empowerment Movement. This TV Special debuts the singing sensation from Madagascar named Colombe.

Colombe ( pronounced " kuh-loam" or " kuh-lohm") headlining her own major concert in her home country of Madagascar, and just released a Hot Single with the #1 rock star in Madagascar through Ivenco Productions.

Plus she has just released her first single which she is also debuting on TV in her global TV special dedicated to the Women Empowerment Movement on 1.21.23 on FILAM-Tv to over 1.25 billion people, as well as many alternating syndication stations afterwards.

Colombe is also a featured performer on the #WE Global NYE 2022 broadcast, with too many stars and guests to name here. The reach of this NYE special alone makes it the largest NYE TV broadcast ever, produced by Peter Bowers and Lawrence Freiberg, two of the world's largest promoters.

Colombe was recently brought to America by Asian power-broker, Arlene Abegunde, where she appeared with American acts All 4 One and Surface, T-Pop superstar Jannine Weigel, and Filipina icons Jay R and Lani Misalucha. The rest is history. Now she is re-united with all of them, as well as Producer Arlene Abegunde, on this #WeGlobal NYE 2022 historic broadcast.

Colombe is called " the Celine Dion of Madagascar" as she is known for her stunning reproduction of cover songs, most prominently, Celine Dion cover songs. She is a Cinderella new magical adition to the celebrity ball, so her first global TV special is called, " Colombe; Cinderella Covers". It debuts globally on 1.21.23.


Ivenco Productions is the largest promoter and production company in Madagascar and it is them she owes most credit to. They are creating some of the highest quality productions, most polished and high glossed videos anywhere, and they have made COLOMBE a #1 priority, including promoting her nationally promoted concert there in February..... INCLUDING, pairing her with the top male rock vocalist in Madagascar in a duet.

Ivenco Productions has combined with New Hollywood Studio in licensing their content and promotion to debut this spectacular artist to the world in her first TV special, " Colombe; Cinderella Covers".

"Colombe; Cinderella Covers" debuts globally on 1.21.23.

Colombe is contracted to star in an all-star global Easter Special on Easter, 2023 entitled

" God Is Alive" Fest and is a main featured artist on" #Sheroes; The Largest Female Tribute" on Mother's Day, 2023.

Her new website, will be published on Dec. 10, 2023.

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