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Iconic FILAM Film Fam of Abe and Gabe Pagtama To Spearhead #AsianLove movement

Abe Pagtama's daughter is an Emmy-Winning Producer from The George Lopez Show. His son, Gabe Pagtama, was with The Steve Harvey Show, and is a renowned filmmaker/ author/ director /actor and an iconic on air DJ in L.A for years. Their history and connections in the Asian community is legendary and they now join our #AsianLove global movement as EP's and co-creators.

The movie Watsonville; The Riots is written/ produced by this team.

Gabe's resume includes production assistant at Paramount Pictures; programming intern at Nickelodeon; production & accounting assistant at NBC Universal Television Studios; director; filmmaker; author; actor and DJ , etc.

His dad , Abe Pagtama ,starred in the #1 Super Bowl 2006 TV commercial as the Asian-Pacific store owner who sold Budweiser to Bears, whom he carded, and is a main player in the San Diego Asian film festival. Abe Pagtama knows all the Chambers of Commerce, Consul Generals, producers, directors, actors in Hollywood and most of the national scene and is extremely involved in The Philippines scene. This Emmy Award winning family is an iconic name and force in Asian entertainment.

These are the perfect vehicles for bringing in a change and a new vision with a new movement, #AsianLove, to bring #AsianEmpowerment and #AsianRepresentation to a viral level nationally & globally.

They are loved and family to all in the Hollywood Asian community, including to #WEM/ #WE producer, BJ Joson, who considers them as " best friends". So BJ , pictured above with Gabe and Abe Pagtama, recruited Gabe, who brought in his dad, and now the Pagtamas are spear-heading the #AsianLove movement.

#AsianLove is a movement designed to highlight Asian involvement in our entertainment and society. Sixty percent ( 60%) of the world is Asian. There are more Asians in California than any other nationality. There are more Filipinos in Las Vegas than any other nationality. There are more Asians in Houston than any other nationality. Yet Asians reside as a quiet, uncelebrated segment of society where they seem more tolerated , than celebrated.

#AsianLove is designed as a national tour of celebratory #AsianEmpowement events to gather, rally, and organize Asians into a pronounced rising in entertainment, TV, TV specials, events, etc., beginning in March in Los Angeles, then to Las Vegas in April, then to Houston in May, etc.

FILAM -TV partnered with the #WE Movement/ Women Empowerment movement last December to broadcast the #WeGlobal New Year's 2022 broadcast, the largest NYE broadcast. FILAM and #WE are partnering again in 2023 to again broadcast the largest NYE event but also are partnering on Mother's Day to telecast #Sheroes, the largest female tribute ever.

#WE is backing the Pagtamas to bring a litany of iconic Asian representation to both #Sheroes and #WeGlobal_NYE this year. They are also combining to touring a rallying call to #AsianLove by promoting monthly citywide launches across the nation monthly.

On March 4, #AsianLove launches at the Aratani Theatre on March 4 in Los Angeles with a double launching of the FILAM-TV global TV network, founded by Carl Magno, in Las Vegas and Manila. Carl Magno's partner in FILAM-TV is Filipina songstress legend, Lani Misalucha, an iconic figure in Filipina entertainment, and Las Vegas, due to her multiple past residencies in casinos there over the years.

Filipino pop prince, Garth Garcia, and others are jumping on the roster to perform at this March 4 event which will be telecast LIVE globally on March 4. The heir apparent to The Jonas Brothers, Dallas' boy band @TheKidBrothers ( @TKB) are opening the show

The Pagtamas are hosting this home event and flyers, updates, and show additions , as well as ticket sales, will be added over the next few days, to

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