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HirePatriots Military Charity Joins #WeR1/#WE

#WER1TV series and concerts will benefit the huge military veteran charity, HirePatriots, the military veteran charity that has provided over 400,000 jobs to veterans through 49 national chapters and received Presidential Awards from President Bush and President Obama..#WeR1is giving 40% of all TV commercial time to our HirePatriots partners who started out trying to help ONE soldier get a job, then 10,000 soldiers, then 150,000, etc.

They are also known as PatrioticHearts, their 501(3)(c) charity name

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Gloria Griffith
May 17, 2020

Hello, ladies and gentlemen.

Griffith & Griffith Solar Energy based in Seagoville, Texas,

is proud to announce that We Are with #WE.

G & G is a husband and wife - Powur Couple.

We are fully licenced and certified independent Powur Energy Consultants.

We not only sell Solar Systems, we get paid to train Team members in the art.

*Anyone that goes Solar through us (signs on by May 31st, 2020),

is guaranteed that they will receive a Rebate Check within 7 days of installation.

Powur Energy created a Stimulus package that will pay your entire first year of loan payments.

**Plus, every single time someone goes Solar and mentions that they learned about us via: #WE, we will Donate…

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