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#GoodTimes2021 Special To Debut on Holyfield TV

The #WE movement , in conjunction with the official sanction of the Carlena Evans family, and Eric Monty, announce a collaboration releasing the original #GoodTimesPPV special aired on Jan. 31 , as a TV special. It has been reduced from 77 minutes to 50 minutes, and modified and edited for TV, and debuts on the Holyfield TV Network stations beginning Feb.-March.

The TV special is themed around the iconic 70's TV series, " Good Times", starring actor, John Amos.The revamped TV special is expected to air on some 100 stations across the nation, beginning with the Holyfield TV Network stations, owned by the ex-heavyweight world champion, Evander Holyfield.

Holyfield TV has stations across the nation, including Los Angeles and Detroit.

I-Launch TV Global Entertainment, who has arranged a non-exclusive distribution of the special, begins airing TV commercial ads for the upcoming TV special this Sunday, Feb. 14, on Holyfield TV.

The Good Times TV Special was produced by the #WE movement, the nation's largest empowerment campaign, as an inspirational reminder that #WE can all have " good times" even in these troubled COVID days, and that is the underlying theme of the special. Even George Floyd's uncle, Selwyn Jones, appears a few times in the special, as a sign that the positivity of laughter and bonding in entertainment together are healing and unifying factor.s at a time, and in a culture, when both are so badly needed

The #GoodTimes2021 TV Special was written & created by #WE founder, Lowell Beasley, by permission of Eric Monty and Carlena Evans, daughter of the original writer-creator of the original iconic 70's hit TV series, " Good Times". Ms. Evan's dad, was Mike Evans, the writer, who also played Lionel Jefferson on the original hit TV series," All In The Family", the hit series by Norman Lear, that inspired both " The Jeffersons" and " Good Times" back in the early 70's when Norman Lear had a string of the hottest TV series on television, " Good Times" included.

KC Amos, film-maker and son of actor John Amos, is one of the Executive Producers of the special.

Mega-model, Jenee Starr, hosts the special and JohnAmos co-hosts and stars.

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