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#GoodTimes2021 PPV Coming

#WE announces that Carlena Evans, heir to the iconic 1970's " Good Times" TV series, will host the #GoodTimes2021( #GoodRiddance2020) PPV Concert at the end of 2020 with an all-star cast and plenty of celebrities and stars aboard.

This End of the Year Blow-Out will be a PPV concert on and will be themed around the iconic 70's TV series " Good Times" and its' theme song.

In the Good Times theme song, it lists all the trials and realities of living in those tough times in the ghetto, but celebrated" the good times/aren't we lucky we got them?". This is a message that needs repeating in 2020. We all long for the good times of the past but those days are gone. We all long for the good times of tomorrow but none of us are promised tomorrow. So we must make our good times today and realize TODAY is our good times and celebrate today.

So this PPV concert gives the musical challenge to performing artists to take the theme song of the Good Times show and make a current remake of it themselves, and we all share it and celebrate it on this PPV special along with virtual performances of star artists of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

This PPV concert is a celebration with no divisions, no politics, no partisan divisions that black, white, Red and Blue and all races and persuasions can enjoy as a family friend good times celebration of laughter , fun, and good ole' retro musical memories.

The #WE movement is assembling the cast and stars of this show now. Contact WeMovement.TV or to join or to participate.

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