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George Floyd Family Joins #WE and #GoodTimesPPV

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

George Floyd's uncle, Selwyn Jones, has joined the #GoodTimesPPV event and is bringing the family.

2020 was a bad year for everybody and everyone knows how bad it was for the George Floyd family. #WE knows we ALL need to focus on the #GoodTimes and better times to keep ourselves positive and to inspire healing in ourselves.

So on January 30, the families of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor are participating on the #GoodTimesPPV celebration, hosted by Carlena Evans ( daughter of "Good Times" creator, Mike Evans) and starring John Amos, star of " Good Times" ( who played "James", the dad on " Good Times".) Many celebs, acts and charities are signing on as participants and / or performers.

The management firm representing Selwyn Jones, George Floyd's uncle, is Life Nation Networks, who is a co-partner of the #WE movement, and are joining in with their celebrity contacts and TV platforms to insure it is a success for all involved. Life Nation Networks also manages Bob Marley's daughter who will be appearing, and bringing in their contacts as well.

The above pic is courtesy of Selwyn Jones" GQ " Man of the Year" photoshoot.

The #GoodTimesPPV event and TV special is presented by the #WE movement, the nation's largest empowerment campaign.

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