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Garth Garcia Stars in Largest Pro-Asian Campaign #AsianLove

It takes a pure heart and integrity, it takes purpose over profit, for an artist to be the first to step-up and be the first to stand up for what is right. Kudos to such a star, Garth Garcia.

While others were saying it's too soon, too unknown, too fast, etc. Garth Garcia aid, " I'll do it!". When being the first to be asked to star , without even asking who else was on the bill, Garth Garcia said, " I'll do it". And not just the L.A launch, he agreed to front it at every stop across the nation's tour; L.A, Las Vegas, Houston, Dallas, etc.

Garth Garcia was made famous by American Idol and is considered a prince of pop in the Filipina / Asian music genre.

On March 11, at the Aratani Theatre in downtown Los Angeles, the largest pro-Asian empowerment movement is being launched in a multiple effort by FILAM-TV, Women Empowerment Movement, FILAM Press Clubs of California and Chow Entertainment

( Leesa Chow). This movement campaign is a rally of Emmy, Grammy and Academy Award winning Asians and media professionals to combine to support #AsianRepresentation and #AsianEmpowerment ,

#AsianLove is a rally of all races, cultures and peoples to support the representation, the equal representation of Asians, who now represent 60% of the world's population; who now outnumber all other races or cultures in California; who now are the largest population in both Houston and Las Vegas, as well as many other cities.

#WE movement, the nation's largest #empowerment campaign have now started #WE_Asian as a skeleton foundation to launch #AsianLove.

#AsianLove launches in March in Los Angeles, in Las Vegas in April and in Houston in May.

Superstar, Rachel Alejandro, is joining Garth Garcia on the global launch date in L.A on March 11, and possibly on the other dates after May, 2023.

Women Empowerment Movement and #WE officially pay tribute and proffer thanks to Garth Garcia for getting passionately involved in #AsianLove and making it a cause of his own.

#WE hopes many thousands more follow the leadership example of Garth Garcia, and STAND-UP for #empowerment.

Be A #Garth.

Be a #WE.

#AsianLove is being globally televised on March 11 via FILAM-TV to over 900 million globally. Garth Garcia was one of the stars on #WeGlobal New Year's TV 2023, the largest New Year's telecast EVER, to over 1.20 billion people, also broadcast and presented by FILAM-TV. All stops will be be broadcast globally via LIVE television on FILAM-TV on all stops monthly.

FILAM-TV is an official partner on #AsianLove.

#AsianLove is distributed by New Hollywood Studio, a new syndication/ distribution TV production company, where " diversity is CELEBRATED, not TOLERATED".

Follow updates on #AsianLove and its tour stop updates at

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