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First #WE Award TV Date Reset to Sept.4

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

#WE has pushed back its monthly #WE Awards debut until Sept. 4 in order to allow new networks and new subscribing stations to promote and advertise the show. The first episode features Mickey Guyton as the first ever #WE Award winner. The #WE Awards is scheduled to be a monthly telecast wherein each month #WE names and awards a different #WE Award to an outstanding recipient, showing excellence in empowerment leadership or as an empowerment role model.

The first month recipient is Nashville country star, black female vocalist, Mickey Guyton. The 2nd month award will be to Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ( on Oct. 9 )and the 3rd month to CCM superstar, Lauren Daigle ( Nov.6. )

At the end of the year, a Lifetime Achievement Award recipient will be named in addition to the monthly recipient. Other #WE Awards will be named to the Album of the Year, Male Empowerment Recipient, Child Recipient Award, etc.

The #WE movement is the nation's largest #empowerment campaign, and the official Women Empowerment Movement.

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