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FILAM-TV Official Partner on #Sheroes and #WeGlobal New Years 2024 With Women Empowerment Movement

The official Women Empowerment Movement globally has reached a mutual partnership on the future broadcasts of #Sheroes, the LARGEST female tribute, scheduled to become an annual recurring event beginning this Mother's Day, May 14, 2023 , and #WeGlobal New Year's TV 2024, the largest New Year's TV broadcast,

#WeGlobal New Year's TV 2023 was aired on FILAM-TV on Dec.31, 2022, this past New Year's and was the first such broadcast from both Women Empowerment Movement and FILAM-TV and was the LARGEST TV global broadcast going to 1.20 billion subscribers, and even aired into China.

Producers Peter Bowers and Lawrence Freiberg brought in JBTV and the heavyweight BTS, Fall Out Boy, and Smashing Pumpkin performances. Women Empowerment Movement brought in #AGT Champion, Kodi Lee, Filipina icons Jay R. and Darryl Ong and new Dallas boy band , The Kid Brothers, being touted as the next Jonas Brothers.

The plans are to emanate these two historic TV broadcasts globally annually from FILAM-TV in Las Vegas, but to also air them on as many other cable and network platforms as possible.

FILAM-TV and Women Empowerment Movement are also launching a monthly series of FILAM-TV Telethons beginning Feb25-Feb 26 to raise the funds to raise both to even more heightened levels in 2023, and beyond.

FILAM-TV is an OTA station in both Las Vegas, Nevada and Manila, The Philippines.

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