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Dr. Lashon Fredricks Becomes Administrator of Women Empowerment Movement

Dr. Lashon Fredricks is the new global Administrator of Women Empowerment Movement. Dr. Fredricks holds a Ph.D. in Special Education; a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership; a Ph.D. in Biblical Studies; and a Bachelor's Degree in Human Services. She is a mentor, mother, wife and Assistant Principal, She has a passion for serving the underserved populations and the underprivileged. She lives in Las Vegas and enjoys football, family and traveling.

As Administrator of the nation's largest empowerment campaigns, Lashon will be the Administrator of the Largest NYE celebration, #Sheroes, the largest female tribute and the ambitious #WE_SC campaign.

#WE_SC is a project where in #WE empties all the domestic violence centers in South Carolina giving every occupant a job, a car and their own residence. This is a cause close to her heart as she now mentors 13 young ladies ( teen age) giving each lady two thirty-minute hands-on, in person , face to face counseling on her own free time as she dispenses her wisdom to these ladies helping them reach and effectuate their life goals, career goals and dreams. She supports these ladies out of her own pocket. In other words, she practices what she preaches and has been doing this for many years. She is a walking , living personification of Women Empowerment Movement.

#WE and Women Empowerment Movement are ecstatic and honored to welcome this mighty warrior of faith, God and #empowerment as our new global Administrator of Women Empowerment Movement.

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