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Def Jam Celebrity Rapper Shug Jackson Joins #GoodTimes2021 PPV Concert

#WE movement announces that celebrated celebrity rapper Shug Jackson has joined the front -lines roster of the upcoming all-star celebrity #GoodTimes2021/#GoodRiddance2020 PPV Concert hapening across 27 networks at the end of January 2021.

Shug Jackson is a West Coast rapper signed originally to Def Jam Records by Russell Simmons, Def Jam co-founder. He does a lot of work with kids inside his community such as coaching football, talking about the importance of an education and staying away from gang life.

Never allowing himself to stray far from the music game, he got back into concert promotions, this time under Shug Entertainment , and is currently working with a number of up and coming artists such as rapper Young Riplee (Arkansas), and singer Walt Anderson (Philly), formerly of P. Daddy’s Making the Band. Anderson is featured vocalist on Shugs song, Congratulations.

After years of being out of the game, Shug felt the time was right to get back in. "I was wondering if I still wanted to do this. I ran into a stranger at a restaurant, a guy who out of nowhere sat at my table. I have been watching you, he said. ‘You have this voice that people really listen and respond to. It took me back to what my grandfather told me years ago. I knew I had a lot that needed to be said. Man, I had to get back into this rap game."

Reunited with his managing partner Murphy Kittrell and the result is “Phases”, an unmistakably West Coast sound and energy, that has become a blueprint of Shugs journey.

" It has been a lot of hard work putting this project together, but it has also been fun, he says. I wanted to create an album that relates to everybody. I did not want to get caught up in a fad or trend. I wanted to create songs that not only were gonna make people have fun, but songs that would make you think, maybe make you cry, songs with some substance, which I think is really lacking in music today."

Shug Jackson joins NBA legend Craig Hodges and Straight Outta Compton celebrity, Curtis Young, son of Dr. Dre, as the hip hop front line artists first joining the all-star celebrity cast roster of the #GoodTimes2021 PPV Concert. The PPV event is officially sanctioned by the 1970's Good Times TV series and will be hosted by Carlena Evans, daughter of Good Times creator ,Mike Evans, ( "Lionel" from " The Jeffersons"), and co-hosted by #WE host, Alyson Williams, The First Lady of Def Jam, and Soul Hall of Fame Inductee.

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