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Concert Icon Joins NYE Event

Lawrence Freiberg, is now a PRODUCER of the #WeGlobal LARGEST NYE TV Special. Lawrence Freiberg was CEO of Concerts West , the world's largest concert firm before LiveNation, that handled Elvis Presley, Led Zeppelin,, Linda Ronstadt, etc.

Lawrence Freiberg and his partner, Peter Bowers, possibly the world's largest concert promoter ( Kiss, BTS, Foo Fighters, etc.) have contracted with #WE movement, Women Empowerment Movement, and FILAM-TV , to produce not only this first NYE event but a continuing series of global events, to be announced.

Lawrence Freiberg has a company and brand of One Earth, One People, and shares the same vision of humanity, peace , politics, God, etc. so is a perfect partner on the similar visions of #WE, One Earth One People, Women Empowerment Movement, this NYE telecast and #Sheroes and an array of upcoming global history making epic endeavors.

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