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Alyson Williams Leads #WE NEWS

Alyson Williams, the First Lady of Def Jam, and Soul Hall of Fame inductee, has signed as the Senior Lead Anchor on the FIRST EVER all empowerment news TV series, beginning filming late April in Las Vegas.

Alyson Williams signed through her attorney to lead the broadcast produced by the official Women Empowerment Movement and #WE Movement. Alyson Williams was the only host for the first 2 ever Women Empowerment Movement TV Specials as well as the only host to the #WE TV series, #WeR1, on The NOW Network in 2020.

Alyson Williams is best known for her iconic R & B hit, " Just Call My Name", which was on the top of Billboard chart over 52 weeks. She was inducted into the Soul Hall of Fame and was the first female artist ever signed to Def Jam.

#WE News will debut on over 4 global platforms , including one going to over 70 countries and all of Africa, including ROKU, and one going to 1.2 billion people via the WCETV app, and it will be the first female news ever broadcast into China. It is also being customized for CNBC.

I created #WE News in a draft concept pilot in 2018, filmed in Miami, for presentation to CNBC.

In 2022, we tried a virtual version ( below) with anchor, Jenee Starr.

#WE News will be filmed both in a studio in Las Vegas as a staple practice, but also in front of live audiences on location throughout the country.

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