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African Star MELODY Joins #WE and #GoodTimes PPV

MELODY, " the African Justin Timberlake", has joined the #WE production of the #GoodTimes2021 PPV, the officially sanctioned celebrity-filled and celebrity driven virtual PPV concert themed around the iconic 1970's TV series " Good Times".

MELODY will be a segment feature in the upcoming #WE_Global TV special being filmed and produced this coming Xmas week. This special is the 3rd national/global TV special from #WE and will be very dirrent from the first 2 specials as it focuses on different artists and events across the globe, MELODY included.

MELODY is an extremely commercial pop artist with a very wide range , and hihly polished in his productions and performances.

#WE, the nation's largest empowerment campaign, has started a #WE_AFrica campaign at which MELODY will be in the forefront. MELODY has shown a genuine humble spirit and heart for not only women empowerment but all empowerment related issues.

MELODY was the former lead singer in Africa's leading boy band and now has gone solo. He has the falsetto and vocal stylings of Justin Timberlake, and since they both fronted boy bands, "the African Justin Timberlake" caption has risen.

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