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#WE Denounces Violence, Looting

#WE DOES support the ideal and caption of " Black Lives Matter" as a caption. meaning #WE supports the absolute reality that Black Lives Matter.

However, #WE does NOT support and CANNOT support the #BLM organization, nor its' tenets and goals as stated on its' website while it states on its' own website it is for the abolition of the family unit, anarchy and Marxism.

#WE stands STRONGLY against Marxism, the abolition of the family unit and anarchy.

On the contrary, #WE stands 100% FOR the family structure, for American democracy and AGAINST ALL anarchy, looting, chaos and violence , no matter what " cause" it's for.

On the contrary, #WE follows and supports the teachings and examples set by MLK who said if your cause needs violence to enforce it, it's a weak cause.

#WE denounces ALL looting, violence and anarchy but SUPPORTS ALL peaceful protests.

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