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Vicki Abreu

#WE Executive Director

Vicki Abreu is the corporate #WE Executive Director of #WE and #WomenEmpowermentMovement. Vicki Abreu is a single mom and a paralegal.

Sahn1 (2).jpg

Sahn Johnson

#WE Operations Asst.

Sahn Johnson is the assistant to Field Operations Director, Lowell Beasley and is the Operations Assistant.


Robbie Rob Mitchem

#WE Exec. VP

By day, Robbie works for Amazon in I.T and over the musical library. Outside of that, Robbie is one of the top 4  main executive officers in #WE and Women Empowerment Movement as Executive Vice-President.

DeAnn Mottley.jpg

DeMonica Flye

#WE Minnesota Director

DeMonica Flye is a gifted vocalist and a mover & a shaker in the Minneapolis music scene and our #WE Minnesota  Director.

Marie Augustine_edited.jpg

#WE  Vice-President

Marie Augustine

Marie Augustine is a Fashion Designer  and our V.P. of the #WE  Movement.and the Women Empowerment Movement.


#WE  TV Host and Spokesperson 

Leela Heart

Leela Heart AKA Alyssha Shanks is Miss Globe USA and the #WE Spokesmodel / Spokesperson for the  #WE Movement .


Lowell Beasley

#WE Founder-Creator

Lowell Beasley is the founder-creator, visionary of, and Executive Producer of the #WE Movement AND Women Empowerment Movement.


DJ Dime

#WE DJ- #WE Spokesmodel

DJ Dime is the DJ for the Super Bowl and the Final Four and the official DJ of  #WE Movement AND Women Empowerment Movement.


Honey Blunt

#WE Hip Hop Artist

Honey Blunt is the official #WE Hip Hop artist and the hottest rising hip hop artist in the nation.


Kristina Abreu

#WE  Spokesmodel

#WE Host

#WE News Anchor

Kristina Abreu, The Latin Diva, is a stunning model, actress, dancer and singer and our first & original spokesmodel.


Rachele Brooke Smith

#WE-Con Celebrity Emcee / Host 

Rachele Brooke Smith is our #WE-Con celebrity spokesperson and celebrity recruiter.


Kari Obert

#WE Exec. Asst

#WePPV Executive 

Kari Obert is an accomplished PR and business representative in Minneapolis / St. Paul.

Tommy Jones.jpg

Tommy Jones

#WePPV Executive 

Tommy Jones is an established business executive, very savvy in sales, currently the executive in  the WePPV.expansion.


Bill Scherzer

#WE Tech & I.T  

Bill Scherzer oversees the Internet Technology and Online Tech & Programming Team for #WE, and WePPv.

Aileen PRO1.jpg

Aileen Lopez

#WE Host  

Aileen Lopez is a #WE TV Host and stars in 3 of #WE's upcoming TV productions.


Susan Hu

#WE Producer  

Susan Hu was Social Media Manager for the Emmys and a Red Carpet Event Planner.

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